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BANKING MARKETINGPosted by RENATA BARNES Fri, August 03, 2018 11:18:50

Banks are closing at an alarming rate in the UK, at a rate of about 80 a month. In the past three years about 2,868 have closed across the country. We had in 1980, 20,585 branches across the UK, but by 2012 we were left with 8,837.

What will this mean for the people in the UK?, there will be less ATM machines making it more difficult to withdraw money. People without internet will have problems and the vulnarable people such as the elderly who go weekly to withdraw their pensions will be stuck to pay their living expenses.

The banks although they are projected to have made profits on the first half of 2018 of £13.6 Billion with the combinations of four High Street Banks – Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds and Royal Bank of Scotland – this will cause problems for many people who use cash only. It is estimated that there are 2.7 million people across Great Britain that only use cash for their daily living expenses.

Due to costly running of card machines not all business use them to make transactions and the ones that do insist that your transaction has to be more than £5.00 since the law came in this year that shop owners could not put a charge of 50p for transactions less than £5.00.

The governements and the banks are not thinking about the people they are just thinking how much money they will save in the long run when things change over to digital once they close the branches down. If everything goes online they will save on business taxes, and paying wages to the bank staff never mind the running costs of running a bank itself. Its a move that not all people in the UK will be happy about.

I on the rare occasion have to withdraw cash, this will mean that these business's who only accept cash will be forced to use card machines or will eventually shut down.

Pubic transport uses a combination of cash or their own apps, people without smartphones will find it difficult to travel.

This is going to cause no end of problems for the public and for businesses.

Your can read more in an article from 'The Express':


SPORTS GAMBLING MARKETINGPosted by RENATA BARNES Thu, August 02, 2018 13:04:06

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BANKING MARKETINGPosted by Andrew Jones Thu, August 02, 2018 11:38:56
Banking & High Street Banks.

Did you know Banks use bank marketing companies to market their products?

Did you also know that eventually everything will be done online and that high street branches will close?

Did you also know that evenually we will not have paper money and coins, as they cost money to produce?

So what will be the alterntives? it will all be done digitally just like our debit and credit cards system which is already in use.

But what entrepreneurs are experimenting with is cyrpocurrency which when it is fully regualated will be the next money system.

It obviously has a long way to go before every one recognises that trading with ICO's (initial coin offerings) is safe. Google are making sure that any website that offers crypto currency has to have a license, which is a good move in my opinion.

But moving forward Banks need to secure keyword domain names so that they capture the end user of the search terms.

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HORSE RACING MARKETINGPosted by Andrew Jones Thu, August 02, 2018 11:06:09

For Business's thinking of starting out in the horse racing industry or are already established but need to generate traffic to their websites this is where it is essential to acquire keyword domain names.

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SOLICITOR MARKETINGPosted by Andrew Jones Thu, August 02, 2018 10:43:59

Dudden Law - Cardiff Solictors, situated in Roath - Wales UK, specialise in Family Law, Last Wills and Testaments, Employment Law, Civil Litigation, Debt Recovery and Possessions and Evictions and have a proven track record of providing a quality service. They are able to help clients Nationwide.

So if you need a divorce solicitor, a law fim that can mediate contract disputes or help with harrassment at work or unfair dismissal you can count on Dudden Law to solve the problem.

Dudden Law contact details.
Telephone: 029 21320150


HOSPITALITY MARKETINGPosted by Andrew Jones Thu, August 02, 2018 10:19:54
Flapjack could mean an all manner of different things from a shops selling Flapjacks to a Cafe serving Flapjacks. But for Branding Flapjack this could suit a cafe/bistro, winebar or even a nightclub.

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We all like something sweet occasionally.

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NHS REVIEWSPosted by Andrew Jones Tue, July 31, 2018 21:48:18

Albany Surgery.

Address: 219-221 City Rd, Cardiff CF24 3JD.

Absolutely awful service!!!.

Even their website looks dated and unprofessional including unsecure. Google plan to take these websites down. Its shows the surgery is lacking funds if they cannot pay for a decent website, get more telephone lines and staff to mann them, let alone only have one Doctor in the Surgery all day.

How is this possible that there is only one Doctor on duty all day during the week? Bad Management, if your running a service you should have a team of doctors everyday you are open and not have one Doctor on duty in the middle of the week.

Want time off take advantage of the weekends.

Furthermore what other company asks their clients to phone all at the same time potentially jamming the phone system.?

There is a traditional way of taking bookings by using a diary for a week in advance.

Not all people can phone at 8am as they may be working?

The surgery is poorly managed and the NHS need to intervene as peoples lives could be at risk if they cannot manage to see a Doctor on any given day.

Imagine if this was an elderly person or someone who is vulnerable with mental health issues and may phone only to get a hostile response and will not bother to phone back again.

I only have good reviews for for the one GP 'DR R.Dolben' whom I have been with for over 20 years, he has always been understanding, considerate and very professional and knows what he is talking about unlike his colleagues whom do not seem to know what they are doing.

As an example my daughter who is 17 went to see a GP at the practice as she was complaining she was experiencing pins and needles and sometimes numbness to the bottom half of her body. The GP she saw was NOT Dr Dolben but a different Doctor who did not know what my daughter was talking about, dismissed her symptoms as phantom and prescribed her 'Gaviscon' an antacid indigestion remedy.

My daughter has since been diagnosed with MS after we went to A&E and started the ball rolling on our own after being disatisfied with the GP's response. If we had done nothing my daughter would have been disabled or bed ridden, now she has a chance with the medication she is due to have over the next couple of weeks.

I for one suffer with OCD, I have trouble interacting with people so to make the decision to make an appointment at the Surgery today 31/07/18 was a big deal for me. I was told by the receptionist that the day was for emergencies only as there was only one Doctor on Duty? I told her my medication had run out and she said it was not an emergency. I cannot stop my medication 'Mirtazapine' suddenly and she cannot make that desicion and told me to phone back tomorrow at 8am.....

Luckily for me I am self employed and can choose my hours when I can see a GP but she did not know that and I said it was my day off today. So that would mean if people who have 9 -5 jobs this potentialy means they cannot be seen by a doctor as the surgery. the surgery opens at 08.30 and if you have to be at work for 9am how would that work out? OK they may work until 18.00 but what if you 9-5 job entailed you commuting an hour each way?

In my opinion that should have one late night up to 20.00 hours that way the people that have 9-5 jobs would be seen. The surgery cannot expect people to take time off work to go to a Doctors appointment and loose money. The surgery should also take bookings a week in advance and not make people phone at 8am all at the same time. This is ridiculous in my opinion.

Some people have to travel to work, some drive and cannot redial 100 times or more in order to get an appointment especially if they are driving. By taking time off work you potentially could have your wages docked, but do the surgeries care? of course they don't!

Furhtermore the receptionists ask personal questions which should only be discussed with the GP, yet they ask what medication you are taking or what is wrong with you before making an appointment. (Their answer is that they need to know to prioritise patients in order of serious to non serious symptoms).

When I asked Dr Dolben why they do this he answered as above to prioritise and that they too are bound by patient/doctor confidentiality. I think this is wrong as half the time you don't know the name of the receptionist but they know everything about you.

This is unexceptable as a patient should not have to discuss anything with a receptionsist other than to make or cancel an appointment or ask if their prescriptions are ready.

I have see and heard with my own eyes and ears how some receptionsist speak to the patients yet there are massive notices everywhere saying they have zero torlerance for rude behaviour. One should practice what one preaches before putting up such signs. Obviously there are individuals that do not take no for an answer and can become aggressive so I understand the policy but staff need to be curtious also, whats good for the goose is good for the gander so to speak.

I was going to give them a bad review on Google but I still need to be registered with this practice and who is to say that the Practice Manager does not unregister people for speaking their minds. After all if I had bad reviews, I would possibly refuse to continue giving the service to that individual.

Saying this I have heard that most General Practices in Cardiff have adopted the same system to phone at 8am precisely, with a first come first served basis. Elderly people do not have smartphones to continue redialling by pressing the green redial button and traditional home phones take time to redial unlike the smart versions.

Something has to change and I will be contacting the health board to make an official complaint. I don't mind going to UHW to be seen by a doctor, should I get thrown out of my surgery for speaking my mind.


MARKETINGPosted by RENATA BARNES Mon, July 30, 2018 19:30:04

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to our new blog. We have been around for over 25 years but we are better known as and

The founder of these domain names is 'Renata Barnes', she started her career over 30 years ago as a photographer, working as a Studio hand in a well know photography studio in Shrewsbury. She lived and worked in Shrewsbury most of her life until she found work in Wales and has lived there ever since.

With the ever increasing demand for B2B lead generation 'Cymru Marketing' was born.

We have offered marketing through 'UK Website Designers' and 'Startbrand' but we wanted to make use and secure keyword domains for our business and just like 'UK Domain Brokers' we aim to be on the first page of search engines for the keywords 'Marketing Agency'.

Businesses need to follow suit in order to generate free organic traffic and save money on expensive pay per click advertising.

We plan to offer marketing for all industries from startups to blue chip companies.

Businesses are regularly tracking the efficiency of their marketing campaigns and depend on solid data to foresee future trends and requirements in their niche.

Tracking data is especially important in the industrial marketing business as trends can affect the outcome of not only individual clients, but whole sectors of the business industry.

Data analysis configures facts and figures about a business's past marketing strategies and integrates projections forecasts suggesting effective marketing plans.

This service requires good communication between the marketing agency and the client, exceptional math skills and internet technology experience.

............over the next few days I will be adding more information to most of the categories on this site. Feel free to look at previous marketing blogs on our other sites.

If you have any question feel free to drop us a line to

Kind Regards,

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